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[May Campaign] Tell us your campaign idea and we make it comes true! Research India run campaign every month. In May, we decided to let you tell us what campaign you like and we will make it comes true in the near future.

During campaign period, Research India will send a specific survey (ID:1256138) on 9th May 2022. Answer the specific survey (ID:1256138), write your campaign idea in the survey and submit. We will collect all the ideas after the campaign is ended.

The 10 most interesting and suitable campaign ideas will be selected and rewarded with 10,000 points (worth 100INR). From the selected 10 campaign ideas, we will choose the best idea and reward the winner with total of 20,000 points (worth 200INR). The best campaign idea will be used by Research India and run in the near future.

Please check more campaign details as below:

Campaign details:

Campaign period: 9th May - 30th May 2022


Campaign incentive:

- The 10 most interesting and suitable campaign ideas: 10,000 points (worth 100INR)

- The best campaign idea: 20,000 points (worth 200INR)


Who can participate:

All Research India members


How to participate:

1. Answer a specific survey (ID:1256138) during campaign period.

2. Write your campaign idea and details in the survey.

3. Complete the survey and submit.



1. After campaign ended, we will check your survey answer.

2. Only selected campaign idea will be rewarded with the campaign incentive.

3. The best campaign idea will be run in the near future but Research India has rights to amend some details of the campaign that proposed by the member.

4. Campaign incentive will be granted within the first 5 working days after the campaign is ended.

5. Your qualification of winning the campaign extra points will be cancelled/withdrawn without dispute if fraud action is detected.

6. Research India reserve the rights to determine the qualification of members for the bonus points. Research India's decision on all matters relating to the campaign shall be final and no further correspondence or attempt to dispute such decision will be entertained.


Tell us what campaign do you like and your idea may be used by Research India! You have chance to join the campaign which is designed by you in the near future!!